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The Story

Serving in the field of healthcare facility design over the last 4 decades; opened so many doors for us to experience the needs of different societies around the world. Especially small neighborhoods who are geographically and economically isolated and at a very high risk of social exclusion. Being so eager to serve and give something positive back, we have established our foundation in 2007, through which, we have directed our full academic knowledge and long experience in healthcare facility design toward developing sustainable solutions that can achieve better accessibility to healthcare services and green neighborhoods.

Our work come in cooperation with those highly committed to “the ART OF giving” and who are taking other nations´ needs into high consideration. Together we highlight these needs, we evaluate the situation, and we draw an action plan that can bring hope and relief.

Who is behind it?

Christine Nickl-Weller

After graduating with a degree in architecture from the Technical University of Munich, Christine Nickl-Weller joined the Munich-based architecture team of Nickl & Partner in 1989 and became Chief Executive Officer of the corporation in 2008. In 2004, she was appointed Professor at the Technical University of Berlin and holds the only university chair for the design of hospitals and health care buildings in Germany.


Hans Nickl

Prof. Hans Nickl studied architecture at the Technical University of Munich. In 1979 he set up his own architecture firm, which he expanded together with his wife Prof. Christine Nickl-Weller in 1989 to form the architecture company Nickl & Partner.
He was appointed Professor for Constructive Design at Erfurt University of Applied Sciences in 1992, and since 2005 has been Visiting Professor in the Department for Design of Hospitals and Healthcare Buil- dings at the Technical University of Berlin.

Our Mission

Healthy, sustainably green, and socially empowered neighborhoods for all.

Our Goal

To be an acknowledged and a well recognized foundation in supporting the development of sustainable and affordable healthcare facilities and neighborhoods for those socially and economically isolated around the world.

We take into consideration

Research-based initiatives

Sustainable designs, taking into consideration the scarcity of natural resources in the concerned country/region. As well as the limitation of key empowering resources, such as qualified manpower, financial resources, etc.

The society´s real issues and dilemmas

Cooperation is so important to us; we believe in team work

What we do


A lot of initiatives were highlighted and fully supported by us through the last few years. Some of which are in development phases already.

Stay connected, more information is coming soon!

We support

We believe in big achievements through supporting evidence-based solutions. Therefore, our foundation is providing funding awards for unique research proposals that reflect its mission and goal. Being inspired by our successful research-based initiative “The Healthbox”, we are looking forward to receiving your ideas and research proposals.
For more information about application process, please contact our education partner ENAH (European Network for Architects in Healthcare).

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